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Kathleen A. Wilson

"We selected Seven Circle Media to help us navigate and rebuild our presence.  Our new look exceeds our expectations with clarity and ease of use.  With this new launch, we plan to shout-out the beauty of our artworks, making it accessible and affordable to our distinguished niche.   Art of the Spirit Gallery helps people live with the idea of beauty, inspiration and wonder, with reflections of art that speak of the values they hold dear.  The great creative Spirit within leads me, a servant artist, to mirror the vitality, colors and sentiments of African Diaspora life.  Excellence is our commitment, illuminating  our heritage is our legacy."

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"This year marks our 37th year in the art business as creator, publisher, distributor and promotions of our “Art of the Spirit” Gallery and on-line gallery presence since 1994.  We saw the need early on to engage the emerging digital age to promote our art.  We became Wix E-Commerce entrepreneurs in 2014 fully engaging the WIX Editor to develop our site.  We have had great success over the years using our store presence to promote new and existing inventory.  

We are constantly re-inventing ourselves, creating new works, engaging the art industry on multiple platforms, newsletter promotions, visuals with sound bites, providing excellent customer service and now refreshing our website to reflect the new Editor capabilities.   The galleries within the menu expand to offer Genesis, the beginning of things, Life, the nuances of relationships, Worship, artistic interpretation of sacred literature, and humanity, liveliness of the global family."