• Dante Montovano

Review of Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live 2019 covered Google’s most innovative and exciting marketing initiatives to come in the short term and long term. Google’s main focus is centered around customer data responsibility. They created a better marketing platform focused on insights, management, creative, and measurement. Below are some of what I found to be Google's most interesting topics covered during Google Marketing Live.

Discovery Ads

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior VP of engineering at Google, started the conference overviewing the early days of Google and where the platform is today. Prabhakar introduced Discovery Ads; Discovery Ads will allow marketers to reach across YouTube’s home feed, Gmail promotions and social tabs, and Google Discover on Mobile. Google plans to unveil Discovery Ads later this year.

Gallery Ads

Sissie Hsiao VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising at Google announced Gallery ads. Gallery ads show offerings using images and text inside of search ads. Gallery ads can show 4 - 8 images each. Google has indicated through tests that Gallery ads have created 25% more interactions at the top of the mobile search results page.

The end of digital marketing

During day 2 of Google Marketing Live, Bethany Poole Editor-in-Chief, Think with Google spoke to Marie Gulin-Merle, Calvin Klein’s chief marketing officer and PVH’s chief digital officer, about why "digital marketing is now, just marketing".

“digital marketing is now, just marketing”.

The mindset that traditional marketing and digital marketing are now infused comes from the idea that consumers tend to consume videos and search / research products both online or offline and may make an actual purchase offline or online.

Marie also highlighted Research online purchase offline (ROPO) and the importance of measuring sales lift and “return on relevance” as opposed to direct return on investment (ROI).

Marie continued to explain the 3 traction points of the change of the customer journey which she has seen over the past 5 years:

1. The discovery phase - Research online purchase offline (ROPO) has become up to 50% of the consumer behavior pre-purchase.

2. Peer to peer advocacy - Customers tend to trust of brands more when trust is reinforced by other consumers or influencers and advocates

3. Purchase convenience - Customers want to buy goods whenever and wherever, 50% of sales are now digitally influenced across all industries.

Watch the Q & A here.

Knowledge graph and the future of Google Assistant

Google has collected data and connected the data to different queries and information to help the platform better understand language and how to respond to queries via voice. Google utilizes machine learning and neural networks to transform a query into a response through a collection of data. This collection of data, called a Knowledge graph, is made up of neural embeddings or a “word cloud” which can decipher a query and return a matching response for the query.

Voice and search with Knowledge graph.

Below is live demo from Google Marketing Live 2019 between Google Assistant and Ben Gomes Senior Vice President of Search, News and Assistant.

Ben overheard his teammates talking about a movie about “a guy who snaps his fingers and the half the world world disappears” Ben’s conversation with Google Assistant is as follows:

Ben: Which villain snaps his fingers and makes half the world disappear?

Ben Gomes asking Google Assistant.

Google Assistant: Thanos, according to forbes at the end Avengers Infinity War, the villain Thanos acquire the infinity stones for a gauntlet that let him the snap his fingers and turn half the population into dust.

Watch Ben Gomes' Conversation with Google Assistant here.

Images and search with Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph gives Google the ability to view an image and find similar search results or products results through Google lens.The example below shows a lamp that you might come across in a Google image search but would be unable to find that specific lamp with just a description.

Watch Google Marketing Live 2019 here